People need to work at keeping life normal

During this time in the world where staying inside and only going out unless it is needed is the new normal, people are having a hard time getting used to it. People are now facing the task of how they will keep up with their normal life, keep a sense of normalcy, and keep up with a daily routine 

“Students can help maintain physical and mental health by exercising, getting outside a few times a day, especially when the sun is shining, meditating, and maintaining a daily schedule. This is so important to prevent negative impacts to mental health, as well as physical health. Practicing movement and getting outside of the house can be so helpful and restorative to the body and brain,” said psychology teacher Catherine Dodd 

It is important for people to still try to get outside for walks or any exercise outside when the sun is shining to get enough vitamin D. Going outside can also help in a people’s mental health. It is not good for anyone to sit inside all day staring at a screen, especially students who are used to being up and about for school and after school activities.   

“Students can keep normalcy in their life by creating daily routines. Try not to sit around too much. Create to-do lists and calendars. Keep busy with anything. It will make time go by more quickly,” said counselor Megan Stenberg 

People are creatures of habit, so when people have a good sum of normalcy in their lives, it creates a sense of stability and security. An example can be doing all of the online school in order the class periods and then doing the after school activities the best one can at home. 

However, there are so many things students can do to keep boredom at bay. Playing board games, doing puzzles, teaching your pet new tricks, rearranging your bedroom furniture, or, what I recommend, revisiting an old hobby they used to love, playing an instrument, singing, painting, coloring, crafting, taking photos, is a great way to stay engaged and stimulated,” Dodd said. 

The New York Times recommends to not neglect fitness, to create structure such as waking up at the same time every day and to create a task list, use video chats to socialize, and to stay in touch with friends and family.