Girls track finishes successful indoor season

This season, the girls track team is working towards not only winning, but also becoming better athletes overall. Each person on the team has set personal goals, along with full team goals.

“The season for the girls track team is going very good overall. We have been working our best, and winning the Rockford Auburn Invite shows even when we don’t take home first place, our teammates still have success in themselves,” said sophomore Katie Piotrowski. 

Although the team is focused on succeeding, they are also keeping in mind that winning is not everything. Keeping a positive mindset can be more important when building a strong team and becoming a better athlete. 

Right now our team is placing a big focus upon being like a family and success. We are learning that success is not just about placing in events, but being open minded and willing to try new things. The mentality we have is to have fun, try new things, and be supportive which will help us become a better team,” said senior Emerson Soder.

The team has learned how to persevere through their challenges, and they have become closer because of it.

I would rate myself and my team at this point in the season a 10/10. We are always there to support each other, and are like a family even if we aren’t as happy with how each of us are performing individually, MANTRA!” Piotrowski said.