Movie Review: Onward

On March 6th, Disney and Pixar released their long-awaited movie “Onward” and has since been getting good feedback. 

The movie was written by  Dan Scanlon, Jason Headley, and Keith Bunin and is about a young teenage elf who goes on a quest with his older brother to resurrect their father for a day.  

Many known actors like Tom Holland, Chris Pratt and Octavia Spencer were among the voiceover cast that made the characters come to life. 

“Onward” takes place in a magical world where all the magic has been lost by its people because their ancestors found more modern and easier ways to do things. On Ian Lightfoot’s 16th birthday, his mother gives him and his brother, Barley, a gift from their dad. It was a spell that could bring their father back for one day, and when Ian finally does the spell, he messes up, leaving only the bottom half of their dad in front of them. In order to fix the spell, they need a stone that had been waiting on the failed attempt.

Ian and Barley’s journey is met with many challenges as they learn to tolerate each other more and grow as siblings. The lesson about the love of a sibling is very clear in the movie and is a great message the children watching will understand. 

Each character has their own dynamic personalities but also keep it basic and simple so that the characters are not too intricate for the children watching. There is a perfect balance between entertainment for parents and children, which makes it a great family movie. 

The movie does a really good job at getting the audience to really want the character to get what it is that they want. The whole time the audience expects both brothers to be able to see their father again one last time in the end. 

However, the audience is left slightly, if not very disappointed with the outcome in the end of the movie. 

Overall, “Onward” is a great movie to watch when one wants to laugh and feel sentimental at the same time as the movie brings both of those feelings to the table.