The Many Faces of North: Crowley works in other communities, creates art

Megan Crowley is new this year in the art department.

Crowley has many other things to do outside of school. When she leaves the school, she spends her time painting murals in other communities.

“It’s just kind of a fun different thing. It’s not usually student done. It’s usually just me. A really long hallway mural, it took about 60 hours,” Crowley said.

These murals are incredibly detailed, but Crowley also does chalkboard murals for an electric company in Richmond.

“They have a blended learning space like a cafe. They hire me every two months to freshen it up or change it,” Crowley said.

Crowley is particularly busy, especially during the school year, but she enjoys staying productive.

“It’s a lot of balance. I’m used to being busy. I’m an organized person so it works well,” Crowley said.

On top of her other commitments, Crowley is also a dance coach at Grant.

“That is taking up most of my time right now,” said Crowley in reference to dance.

Crowley recently got married this summer to another coach and finds time for herself despite having most of her time taken


“My husband and I hang out. I’m working on an oil pastel project for our wedding right now,” Crowley said.