Students, staff share in the excitement of The Big Game


Gracie Schultz

The athletes work together to score in The Big Game.

Gracie Schultz
Slam Funk performs at The Big Game
Gracie Schultz
English teacher Dustin Zubert helps to celebrate all that English teacher JoAnn Galluzzi has contributed to Grayslake North High School.
Gracie Schultz
Senior Tim Ryno dribbles the ball down the court in an attempt to score.
Gracie Schultz
Many students created posters to help cheer on the athletes during The Big Game.
Senior Josh Shuman and junior Dane Massey broadcast The Big Game live.
Gracie Schultz

The Big Game is an amazing day where students come together to celebrate unity in diversity. Sometimes, those with special needs don’t receive the same level of support from their fellow students during their special athletic and non-athletic events since those events aren’t as publicized. The Big Game is a great opportunity to show that we all do truly care about each other regardless of differences, and that we’re all here to support each other,” said senior Jesse Hertzke. “Although The Big Game is just one day out of the year, it symbolizes the acknowledgment of those with special needs and differences and our commitment to year round acceptance and inclusion whether it be throughout the halls, during gym, lunch, classes, and even activities outside of school. Nothing in this universe is, nor can ever be, exactly the same, so we must celebrate our differences because our differences are what make us all unique yet at the same time united.”The Big Game also brings many importances to all the students who are involved and play in the game. 

“[It’s important to me because] everyone gets to see me play in The Big Game and get loud with excitement,” said senior Erica Rivera.

“During the game, there are many feelings of excitement and it’s nice to be supported. Those are why it’s important to me,” said senior Michael Dionido

Along with the students finding importances in The Big Game, students also believe that The Big Game brings importances to the school community as a whole.

“The Big Game is important because it’s a time that the entire school comes together like one big family to cheer on our classmates. There’s just so much positivity that whole week, and I really think it has a positive influence on the students and community as a whole,” said senior Jackie Mutter. 

Throughout the game, there are moments of excitement causing the crowd to have an abundance of emotions. This year, all of the students and staff that were in the stands were on the edge of their seats the entire game.

“The most exciting part of The Big Game this year was definitely the comeback during the fourth quarter. Everyone was on the edge of their seats when we started closing the gap we had against Round Lake. It was super cool to see the fans get hyped up after every point or every rebound we got,” said senior superfan leader Bryan Donaire.

There were also moments of excitement throughout the game for the players as well due to the game itself and the crowd.

“The most exciting part of The Big Game was definitely the winning moment,” said sophomore Jakub West

Each player also had their own individual favorite parts throughout the game.

“My favorite part of playing in The Big Game was probably making new friends,” West said.

“I helped the team win, so that was probably my favorite part of the game,” Dionido said.