Boys swimming competes at Sectionals


Grayslake North may not have a pool, but that has not stopped the boys swim team from advancing in the swim tournament. The team has only three people and no official coach, and the competitions are all volunteer, but so far Grayslake North has left other schools floundering to keep up.

“Feb. 22 was Sectionals, but I didn’t place very high since I haven’t been training like I usually do,” said freshman Deglan Cunningham. “I injured my wrist, so I had to take it easier than usual.”

Despite his injury, Cunningham finished his event, the 100 yard breaststroke, in fourth. The other swimmers also placed well. Senior Gabriel Beutel placed third in the 200 meter IM, qualifying the team for State, and senior Alex Larrivee placed fifth in the 500 yard free swim.

“This is the only time of the year where our school can be represented,” said freshman Lillianne Beutel. “This is one of the few swim meets that swimmers can qualify for State. If one of the team members qualifies, then we send the same amount of swimmers to State as we did with wrestling.”

The swimmers all swim privately in independent swim clubs, and come together as a team for Sectionals and State if they qualify. The school sends out messages to interested students when the school swimming season begins.

“During freshman orientation, I asked one of the teachers if I could swim competitively for the school,” Cunningham said. “The teacher told me to go down to the activities office at the beginning of February. So I did, and they told me about the boys swim team.”