Band, choir students participate in solo and ensemble event

Last Friday, GNHS hosted the solo and ensemble. Solo and ensemble is an event for band and choir students from GNHS and GCHS to play in a group or do a solo in front of a judge. 

“The event was overall really fun,” said freshman Levi Adams.

They had judges come and critique them. Ensembles would come in and play and then have a clinic to help them improve the piece of music they are playing after. The people in the ensembles grew a bond. 

“I feel like as a group we overcame many achievements and were able to play a song with many different parts to perfect,” said junior Jack Larson

The ensembles had about a month to prepare. They practiced every day the whole month leading up to it. 

“Personally I felt we did what we did and could learn in the time we had,” Larson said.

Working with a group makes it so they have to learn the piece and focus on how they did themselves. The ensembles had different instruments that had to learn their own piece.

“I feel great regarding my performance as an individual performance,” Adams said.