Clubs plan events for Black History Month

 Throughout February, Grayslake North is celebrating black history to educate those on African-American history and foster pride in the hearts of African-Americans. Members of the new club Black Union and Rho Kappa National Social Studies Honors Society collaborated to create a multitude of events in celebration.

Black Union in their first year of leading Black History Month created a variety of new content to the school. Inviting the celebration of black history began by implementing a daily trivia fact on the school announcements, a movie night, as well as creating a list of music to play in the halls. The music is a mix full of famous black artists and culturally significant songs as a reminder of the vast strides made throughout history. 

“We [Black Union] will continue to find our place and continue to find our place in the student body,” stated Joe Alger, the sponsor of the club.

Rho Kappa National Social Studies Honor Society, as it has in years prior, organized educational fliers about African-American historical figures. As a new extension, Rho Kappa has expanded its scope, advancing through well-known figures and addressing unrecognizable yet notable figures. 

 “The incorporation of a larger variety of important black figures helps us understand more about it,” according to Sarah Munoz, a member of the honors society. The ultimate goal is to encourage students to learn more about other aspects of black history.

African-American student from Grayslake North High School Asha Fry said, “We are taking a stand to inform everyone in the school what we, as black people, go through on a daily basis. It gives us a time to stand out from the other people and inform others of the past and impact that black people have on this country,” in regards to the activism seen throughout the school.