Countries consider ban on plastic use

With the new generation worrying about the planet and what to do with it, many nations have started new laws to look after the planet and it’s well being. One big law that many places in the world have put into place or are thinking of putting into place is a ban on plastic. Some argue that it would be beneficial while others disagree.
“It depends on what type of plastic. I think the idea of single use plastics being banned sounds good on paper, but when you have things like medical devices that really benefit from single use plastic,” said environmental teacher Joseph Rogalski
When it does come to a plastic ban, there comes the issue of what to do for when single use plastic becomes beneficial and is needed. There are many people that need single use plastic for their day to day life for special needs.
“It would come down to what is the better recyclable process and things like that,” said co-sponsor of Environmental Club Christine Applehans
For the people that do need to use single use plastic for medical or personal reasons, the best way to go with that would be to find an alternate material that can be used like plastic and could be recycled or reused and have the same effect as plastic.
“We are running out of places to put our trash, and it is ending up in our oceans and rivers and harming the wildlife,” said junior Emily Leavitt.
There are benefits and drawbacks when it comes to banning single use plastic. These all being a factor must be taken into consideration. For example, a benefit is less waste going into the oceans and harming wildlife. A drawback would be hospitals need to find new materials-single use devices. One way that California went about this was putting a ban on single use bags.
According to, “on November 8, 2016, California voters approved Proposition 67, the statewide Single-Use Carryout Bag Ban. … Instead, these stores may provide a reusable grocery bag or recycled paper bag to a customer at the point of sale at a charge of at least 10 cents.”
One way California is trying to make less waste in their state is no longer giving out plastic bags and if someone needs one they charge for it. This has cut down the amount of plastic bag waste in this state. No longer allowing one type of single use plastic might be the start to how to cut down on plastic waste.