Cheer places sixth at State

The varsity cheer team competed at State on Friday, February 7, and they gave an outstanding performance.

“I’m very happy with the way that we performed. We did have a few bumps and wobbles, but in the end, we gave it our all, and that’s all that really matters,” said senior Zach Chamberlain.

The team placed tenth on day one, advancing to day two where they placed sixth overall in the medium division.

“State is a once in a lifetime thing,” said coach Jenny Garza. “To have our team step up and do as well as they did is just a very exciting time. To be out there with those teams is an honor.”

What makes the team keep going and succeed is the passion they have for what they do.

“I’m really proud of the passion we have for cheer and how much each of us loves what we do. Cheer is a really hard sport. A lot of people don’t know that, but I love how all of us can come together so easily. We’re so close, and we just really love what we do,” said junior Erin Fiedler.

In order to do what it takes to win, the cheerleaders have to put cheer first and devote a lot of their time to keep progressing.

“Cheer is not just a sport. It’s really like a lifestyle. I am with my teammates 24/7. Either we are going to the gym; we are getting food; we’re practicing nonstop seven days a week for months at a time,” Chamberlain said.