Green Room prepares for musical

Grayslake North’s Green Room Theatre company is putting on a spring musical this coming March. They are showing “The Hunchback of Notre Dame,” a rather famous musical drama that has also been made into a Disney movie.
The show is a heavy cast show, taking a large amount of students to do this show. All of Green Room is involved, but so is the school’s pit band, many choir students and students with a dance or singing background.
“When I first come on the stage as Esmeralda, I am dancing and all pretty and like a sex symbol, and not even a song after, I am pleading for someone to help my people. She is a very human character,” said junior Hillary Collins.
As tech crew works behind the stage to bring the whole show to life, the actors on the stage are working to bring their characters to life.
“I read the script multiple times and try and find a point of development for the character and try to see who the character is and see his side of the story and out myself in his shoes,” said senior Richard Moung, who plays Phoebus.
Being in any show with Green Room is a commitment for anyone, but this year’s musical is jam packed with things for the actors and the people in tech to take one.
“Rehearsals are Monday, Thursday, and Friday. Wednesday is dance and Tuesday and Saturday is tech and dance,” said sophomore Jaylyn Walker.
All actors and people in tech have been working on the shows since before winter break took place. Now that March is coming up, they are working more and more. During tech days, there are all kinds of crews running around getting things done for the set, actors, and overall the show.