Student competes at State in snowshoeing

Senior Tim Ryno is going to State for the sport Snowshoeing after much dedication to the sport. Last year at a competition with the rest of the Special Olympics team, Ryno decided he wanted to try snowshoeing.
“They had this video that showed all other sports. They featured a bunch of different things and Tim’s mom saw snowshoeing,” said Special Olympics sponsor Alison Barker.
He has participated in numerous sports and always shows a lot of dedication to whatever he does.
“He would go home and run a mile every day after school to get his time up and everything. So he was prepared for that and he’s been doing that even throughout basketball season too, so that he’s ready once we start track and field,” Barker said.
Now that Ryno knows that he is going to State, he can continue to prepare for his goal.
“Practicing and lots of running. It’s a lot of fun. It’s challenging but also a lot of fun,” Ryno said.