Varsity dance competes at invitational

Dance at Grayslake North is a sport that runs through a very long season, with tryouts starting off in spring and practice going all the way through the beginning of next spring. The season is split between summer practices, fall season, and winter season.

“Fall season is more like a spirit season, so we support the football team in every home game. Winter season is our competitive season where we focus more on ourselves, dance, and getting better as a team. We also participate in basketball games and support the school’s team,” said junior Monse Reynoso.

The winter season consists of new tryouts for the competition team. Grayslake North varsity dance performed last Friday at Lakes for a dance invitational, with teams consisting of the district’s schools, such as Antioch and Lakes.

“I think as a team we have improved a lot in terms of working together. I feel like we didn’t know each other coming in, and it is hard to mesh as a team if you don’t really know the people you’re taking the floor with. As we have grown as a team, I think that we have grown to work together quite well and be on the same page,” said senior Evelyn Hauer. 

Competition season has been well on its way, with final performances coming up soon. Performances have been known to be nerve-wracking, but Grayslake North has put in a lot of dedication, with morning practices on top of regularly scheduled basketball games.   

“I think that our best performance this season was at Mundelein High School. We were all really sharp that day. Our facials were on point, and everyone was working together,” said junior Paola Tostado. 

The team this year is smaller in numbers as previous seniors have graduated, but the ethic and dedication has remained the same. 

“Our team has been putting in a lot of hard work, especially all the girls individually. From where we were at the start of the season to where we are now just shows how much dedication we have and how much the girls have together. I’m proud of each girl for how much time and effort they’re putting in,” said team captain and junior Itzel Gonzalez. 

The end of the competition season doesn’t mark the end of dance, and the team can be found performing during varsity basketball games.