Cheer team competes at Conference

The cheer team kept the energy high for Conference, despite their challenges. 

“We definitely did better in our invite than we did at Conference, although we did hit zero both times,” said senior Zach Chamberlain.

Although Conference did not go as well as their invite did, the team is not bitter about it.

“I think we did better on Saturday than we did on Monday. We don’t really care about our placing; we care about our scoring, so that’s what we focus on, our scoring not our placing,” said junior Maggie Kopp. 

The team faced some challenges at practice that continued to be an issue at Conference. 

“The biggest challenge was our half up switch lib (liberty) to stretch. That was the thing we were struggling with before Conference,” said Chamberlain. 

With Sectionals right around the corner, the team is preparing a better routine to ensure their success.

“We are adding more skills like higher level skills to our routine. Our choreographer is coming in to add stuff and clean it up in general. We want a better score, and Sectionals place does actually matter for us because it shows the top five, but we want to aim for the top three. We just want a better score; we are going for a score in the nineties, ” said Kopp.