Varsity girls basketball plays Central

This past Wednesday, Grayslake North girls varsity basketball team played a game against what some would call their biggest rival, Grayslake Central. 


The night started with a jump ball, which was one by Central. This started the game for the night. A jump ball is where the referee throws the basketball in the air and one teammate from each team will try to hit the ball onto their side of the court by jumping in the air.


The first point of the night went to Central, making it two to zero, but North got the first free-throw of the night. North also called the first time out of the game which lasted 30 seconds. 


The first quarter of the game ended with a score of 5 to 18 with Grayslake Central winning. The girls varsity basketball team put their best foot forward and continued to play to the best of their ability for the night.


The end of the first half of the game left fans with the score of 19 to 49 with Grayslake Central still in the lead. Fans then got to watch the Grayslake North halftime show which started off with North’s cheer team, dance team and then their guard team then it ended with the song played by the pit band. 


“I believe that this game was just a fluke and that they will be back on their feet very soon,” said junior Matthew Mauritz. 


The Grayslake North girls varsity basketball team lost their game Wednesday night with a score of 69 to 34. This does not mean it’s the end of the season. The basketball team still has plenty of games to look forward to for the rest of the season.