Alumni visit English classes to discuss college


Brenda Smith

Students in Ms. Steinmetz’s class listen as alumni talk about their college experiences.

With graduation coming closer every day and with college waiting around the corner, many students are feeling the stress of uncertainty with what they want to do in life. To get advice from someone who is experiencing adult life first hand, North set up Alumni Day to let students talk to graduated students who were on the same path as them. 

A few alumni stepped into junior and senior English classes as a panel to give any advice about college that students wanted to hear. 

“The alumni told us the importance of time management and study habits and emphasized the amount of opportunity there is to be distracted,” said junior Willow Silverman.“Being able to know when it’s okay to have fun and when work needs to be done is a skill that has to be learned not only for school, but for whatever job or career we choose after college.”

The alumni panel ranged from speaking about life skills to simple questions about how independence feels in college and how the rooming situations work. 

“They gave tips on rooming during college. They explained how we should room with someone who wants to succeed and holds you accountable for your schoolwork, and they told us it would be pointless to spend thousands of dollars to simply slack off and get no work done,” said junior Lilly Brama.

The alumni that visited weren’t all from big universities or colleges, as there were a few alumni who were taking classes in CLC that were just as successful.

“It was helpful to hear how useful CLC can be, as you can get more attention because of the smaller school capacity,” said junior Jackson Von Allmen.

The school day left students with more information on the college life they couldn’t hear from their parents anymore and let them advocate for themselves in the rush of deciding what to do after high school.