Cheer cranks it up at competition

The cheer team kept their energy high during competition, spirits up and ready to have fun. 

“Our energy was really really good. We didn’t do so great skillwise and accidentally let one girl fall, but we all had fun at the end,” said junior Maggie Kopp.

Despite dropping a flyer, the team kept their heads up and stayed positive on the mats. 

“Everybody’s overall nerves and excitement (were high). We call our nerves being excited because we turn everything into a positive spin. We were unexpected on how people were feeling on the competition mats, and we didn’t expect anyone to fall because you never really know what’s going to happen,” said senior Zach Chamberlain. 

Although they were competing, other teams cheered them on to show their support. 

“The amount of energy other teams brought to us was amazing; it wasn’t just parents. All the teams were cheering each other on,” Kopp said. 

Our team returned the favor and put competition aside because at the end of the day all the teams were there to just have fun. 

“I loved seeing the other teams perform and cheer them on. I loved seeing their uniforms and just watching them give it their all,” Chamberlain said. 

The team ended up placing 6th, mostly due to the stunt fall, but they learned from their performance to ensure doing better next time. 

“The only thing I would do differently is not look at the crowd. I made eye contact with the crowd and everybody in the crowd that I recognized, and it threw me off, so I kinda paused on the mat for a second which is really bad. Our counts in the pyramid were also messed up and super noticeable,” Chamberlain said.