Band holds Winter Concert

This past Wednesday, on December 11, the band had a concert at Grayslake North’s auxiliary gym.

Senior Emily Shaw attended the concert.

“This is my first band concert attending, but I enjoyed it very much,” Shaw said.

Shaw enjoyed the concert so much she recommends to “make sure you go to at least one band concert in your life. You’ll enjoy it,” she said.

The concert was festive themed for the upcoming holidays.

“For the concert, it was our winter concert, and it didn’t have any specific theme, though we do tend to play holiday songs,” said Pammie Lavery.

Not only does the concert entertain people, the concerts are a way for students to showcase their talent for others to enjoy.

“People should come to these performances to support the students who put so much time and effort into pulling the music together. It means so much more to performers when other students care enough to come and listen to the product of months of hard work,” said senior leader Katherine Hickson.

Band members want both the students and faculty to attend.

“Currently not a lot of faculty attend our concerts, and we would love for that to change,” Lavery said.