Swimmers compete at IHSA Sectional Meet

Some people think of swimming as a summer activity, but for the three girls that compete on Grayslake North’s competitive swim team, it is a year long activity that requires blood, sweat, and tears.
The three girls that swim for Grayslake North’s girls swim team are Kayla Martinez, Maya Haubrich, Cassia Campbell. They all have been swimming for teams for most of their life, but now they all swim for Grayslake North during Sectionals and hopefully State.
Martinez, Campbell and Haubrich competed for North at the IHSA Sectional meet at Highland Park High School on Saturday, November 16. Martinez competed in the 200 yard freestyle and 100 yard breaststroke. Campbell competed in the 50 yard freestyle and the 100 yard freestyle. Haubrich competed in the 200 yard freestyle and the 100 yard backstroke. In all of the events, the girls beat their personal best times.
Because North does not have a pool and an official team, swimmers compete at the IHSA Sectional meet and then may qualify for the State meet. Outside of those two meets, those who compete for swimming, do so with private swim clubs.
“I have been swimming for nine years now. I was seven, and I needed a sport to get in to. I tried dance, and it was not my thing. I had a good friend who swam, and his mom was talking about me taking lessons, so I joined a club and I’ve been swimming ever since,” said sophomore Cassia Campbell.
Though all of theses girls swim for Grayslake North, they also swim with their own club team outside of swimming for North. Martinez swims with the YMCA, Campbell at Mundelein Mustangs Swim Club, and Haubrich at Lake Forest High School with Scout Aquatics.
“I have been swimming with North ever since I started high school, but freshman year I got pneumonia, so I couldn’t compete at Sectionals,” Haubrich said.
All of the girls had to stay out for either a meet or the whole season due to being sick or hurting themselves, but they are all better and ready for this season.
“I haven’t beaten any personal records in the past year just because I tore my ACL, but I’ve been working on getter faster. I have been getting closer to my best times, but I’m not quite there,” Martinez said.