Between Kings review

Between Kings is an alternative rock band from Brisbane, Australia that has been having great luck in the music industry lately.
They released their first world-wide song “The Escape” in 2017 and followed with an album in 2018 of the same name.
Between Kings has songs that are deep and inspirational with another side of fun and wildness, which is refreshing to hear. They always produce good songs to listen to when one needs a feel-good energy song.
The members Nick, Jayden, Jordan, and Nic all work together to create the beautiful music they perform onstage. They always post about their performances in Australia and their tours to other countries.
Their most recent tour, which is still ongoing, is their trip to LA, California, where they have been working hard in the studio to create their second album.
Their fan base, the “BK Empire,” continues to grow more and more as time passes and as they do more shows. Their fans are also a targeted audience from where the band gets their inspiration from: other boy bands like 5 Seconds of Summer.
They have been a band for several years and don’t show any signs of giving up until they have reached the top.