West manages football team

Jakub West is a manager for the varsity football team. West is also a part of the Special Olympics basketball team and LBC program. West also enjoys track because he likes participating in throwing for the track & field team.
Jakub’s favorite sports are football and track. He has liked football all his life and likes cheering on the team during the varsity games.
“It felt good being the honorary captain for the football team because it shows how much the football team cares about everyone. Being a part of the team and being a manager is a good feeling because I enjoy helping the team,” West said.
West got his passion for football from his family, which resulted in him watching football all the time. He also enjoys football because of the friendships and bonds he gets with the players and being with them every practice. Helping the football team is a big joy for West because he likes to help people and enjoys seeing the varsity team go out every Friday night and play their hearts out.
“All my life I liked football and my family likes football, so I grew up watching it all the time. I do not like the Packers, and I enjoy football because of the friends I have on the team. One of my closest friends on the varsity football team is the center Johnathon Berman,” West said