Cheer season starts with change

North’s cheer team’s competition season is starting up.
This year’s cheer team has had lots of ups and downs, but they are excited to get back on track and prepare for competition.
“We have had a lot of changes this season. One of them was that we have a very small cheer program of only 13 people, but the biggest change was the varsity coach quit halfway through fall season. We just got a new coach for the winter season. We also might be getting another boy cheerleader this year, which is exciting,” said varsity cheerleader Zach Chamberlain.
The team has had to overcome many things in the short time since school started, but they were all able to persevere.
“We’ve had some injuries this year, but we were able to push past them and work together as a team to become stronger,” said varsity cheerleader Maggie Kopp.
The coach leaving left the team in shock and had them scrambling to find a new one.
“The coach leaving was hard at first, but after a week, people accepted it and moved on. We were told that there was a plan, but we didn’t know what it was until the Grant football game. Then we found out about the new coach, and we are all very excited,” Chamberlain said.
Through everything, though, the team is still motivated to make progress and make it to State.
“If we are as determined as we have been the past couple of months, then there is no doubt that we will make it to State,” Chamberlain said.