Brockhampton review

Brockhampton, the “best boy band since One Direction,” released the album “GINGER” on Aug. 23, 2019.
“GINGER” was a pretty good album. The group took a hard left turn following their last project “Iridescence.” The Saturation trilogy is many people’s favorite era of Brockhampton. Their first album “ALL-AMERICAN TRASH” was an okay album with a couple good songs on it.
Brockhampton really blew up during their Saturation trilogy. They went on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” and performed one of their songs off of “Saturation 3.”
They also performed on the streets of Times Square performing “BOOGIE” off of “Saturation 3.” They later went on to perform “Tonya” that was going to be a part of their latest album, which was scrapped due to them going through a hard time following controversy with a member in the group.
The band has about 13 members that all contribute to something. They originally met on the online forum “KanyeToThe.”
The band received a record deal from RCA Records worth a little over 15 million dollars for 6 albums over 3 years. They are currently on their “HEAVEN BELONGS TO YOU” tour.
“GINGER” was honestly not one of my favorites. For people who think about giving them a listen, I would recommend listening to the Saturation trilogy.