Gemini Man review

On October 11 the release of “Gemini Man,” featuring Will Smith, came to theaters.
The movie had a budget of 158 million dollars, but it could lose 75 million because it was released around the same time “Joker” had been released, and everyone’s attention went to going and seeing that movie instead of “Gemini Man.”
Another reason for its lack of viewers could be from Rotten Tomato’s rating of “Gemini Man” at 25 percent and IMDb’s rating of 5.7 on a scale of 1 to 10.
Despite the movie’s mixed reviews, Will Smith delivers another well developed character to the movie screens. He showed great chemistry with his co-star Mary Elizabeth Winsread, who also has a long list of movies she has acted in, such as Disney channel’s “Sky High” and Hard Eight Pictures “Final Destination 3.”
The movie follows a man named Henry Brogen, the best assassin in the world who is ready to retire after 74 kills and claiming it messed with his head so bad he couldn’t even look himself in the mirror. After hearing certain information he was not supposed to find out about, the agency he worked for wants him dead and another underground agency sent his clone after him to get the job done.
The only problem with cloning in the movie is the CGI. Will Smith played both his character and his clone. The CGI used for his clone’s face was disappointing. When the character talked, it seemed unnatural and looked wrong. During the fight scene with Henry and his clone, it is visibly noticeable that CGI was used for most of it and the actions of the characters were robotic and inhuman.
Will Smith partnered with Weta Digital to create the look of his cloned self. Weta Digital has taken part in many films like “Avatar” and “Alita,” which all CGI is noticeable in the films. So It is no surprise that they were not able to make the clone believable.
Overall, it is a movie not worth seeing in a theater, but cheaper at home.