Paying for college

College is something a lot of people want to have under their belt. Weather they need it for the field they want to go into or not, a lot of people go to college, but how many people can actually afford all of their schooling without help? Today’s cost of college can lead up into tens of thousands of dollars, leaving many with questions of how should they pay for college.

    “FAFSA would be the first step. As far as scholarships, see what the school offers. The next one would be the local scholarships. There are a variety of scholarships out there,” said Christine Applehans, student services secretary for the college and career center..

  Some of the advice  the college and career center gives out about scholarships are national scholarships, scholarships businesses give out and more.  When looking into colleges, students may start to feel overwhelmed with the stress of applying and the idea of then not getting in and then the stress of finding out how to pay for the college they wish to go to. 

Must jobs college students work are minimum wage, being around anywhere from $8.50 to $15 an hour. Students that pay for college themselves may look at the number and feel it to be overwhelming to pay that much every year they are in school. Students are advised to apply to as many scholarships their preferable school has to offer so they can try and lower their price tag. 

“I know that the counseling department has been great in the offering of all these options like the FAFSA fest in sitting down with families and being able to work through all the paperwork with them,” said Andrea Tompoles, parent and assistant to the associate principals. 

Students of Grayslake North have many areas of support within the school. The schools counselors offer a lot of help through the college process as well as the college and career resource center. They have the option at any point to go down and sit with counselors or the people of the college and career resource center and talk about the options that they have when it comes to the financial aspect of college. Grayslake North has information about many colleges, local and all around the country. 

“Stay very in touch with the college and career center,” Tompoles said. 

Along with college applications there are also many scholarships and loans that students can apply for that can also add more stress to the college application process.  

“For me personally it is stressful just because college is very very very expensive, as I’m applying I’m thinking of what scholarships I should apply for and what schools will give me money,” said Senior Ciara White