Green Room prepares fall show ‘The Outsiders’

This year’s straight show, “The Outsiders,” based on the classic book by S. E. Hinton, has been in the works for many months.

The Green Room members have been working on this play since August trying to put on the best show for everyone coming to watch. The cast and crew want everyone to enjoy watching it as they worked so hard on it to make it the best. The cast has been really great so far this year.

“I’m super excited about ‘The Outsiders.’ It’s a classic story. A lot of people know and love it, and we have a really strong cast,” said director Clare McConville.

Many things have changed in the black box in preparation for “The Outsiders.” They have rearranged the format of the stage

“We moved the theatre around this year, so when you walk in now, you’re looking directly at the stage instead of being on it,” McConville said

The play should be better to watch now as the cast has worked hard on the play, having rehearsals after school every day.

“Rehearsals are going good. As we get closer, we have to put in more hours. It can be exhausting, but walking on stage and doing the whole show makes it all worth it,” said junior Dylan Morris.

The actors have been rehearsing every day after school except for Tuesdays and weekends.

“I really enjoy the play this year. Being able to play a role that I read when I was in 8th grade is a weird feeling. I feel a certain need to do good not only because I want to do a good job but because I owe it to myself to bring this character to life that I read about as a kid,” Morris said

The Green Room members want everybody to enjoy their shows, and they want to show the amount of work they’ve been putting in to make it the best.