New trainer comes to Grayslake North

New athletic trainer, Evan Schlanser, is pumped about being the new trainer at Grayslake North and being able to be in a fun population to work with student athletes who are working toward the same goal. Schlanser is an Ohio native and is an avid Browns and Packer fan. He grew up in Ohio most of his life, but his family is from Wisconsin.
Schlanser was an undergrad at Saint Louis University, got a degree in exercise science and went to graduate school at Xavier University and received a master’s degree to be an athletic trainer. Schlanser was a trainer for other organisations and helped out different types of sports including volleyball, soccer and baseball.
“Being a trainer at a university is an awesome experience. Being able to work for a college baseball team was a good experience because it was fun to be around a group of people with a common goal. Plus, you’re with the team every day, so I was able to create a relationship with the players and bond with the team,” Schlanser said.
Schlanser has had a passion for being a trainer since high school and wanted to be a part of sports without actually playing the sport. For that reason, he went to school to figure out what he wanted to be when he got older.
“My aunt was in P.T., and I’m a natural sports fan. Growing up, I wanted to find a way to be on a pro team without being on the actual team, so I started looking at P.T. programs and went to school and figured out what I wanted to be in college,” Schlanser said.
Schlanser is excited about being a new trainer here at Grayslake North and is honored to be in an environment of people working toward the same goal of achieving their own personal goals and competing for whatever sport that student plays.