Psychology Club held kindness week for Social Studies Week

At GNHS, there are numerous amounts of week long events to celebrate different things. On the week before homecoming week, Psychology Club held kindness week for Social Studies Week. 

According to Mrs.Dodd, the head of the Psychology Club, the club does “service or kindness to others to spread positivity.” Kindness week was chosen by its members, as some positivity in the GNHS culture could help support stressed students and encourage confidence in others. 

Members of the clubs hung posters across the school that others could tear off and keep as a reminder to do a kind act in addition to creating bags of candy for all teachers in the school. Being kind by handing out compliments to passing students to make their day, a member even help someone clean up spilt coffee in the halls, their goal was to just help spread positivity to those in need. 

By participating in kindness week, some have said that it serves as motivation to become a better person and makes them happy to see kindness in the halls. Students throughout the school has been tearing off the random acts of kindness, to participate, proving kindness is prevalent in GNHS culture. 

After interviewing a freshman, they stated they have not seen any bullying within the school but still believes positivity is beneficial.

Kindness week has also by proxy promoted the inclusion revolution as being kind to one another applies to everyone and even had some others learn more about the inclusion revolution which supports kindness as well. 

 According to members “there is no harm in being a good person” and could even affect their own life. It could help others gain the confidence to ask their homecoming date out and feel better about themselves, knowing they’ve been kind.

Psychology Club implores students to participate and spread positivity throughout the school and encourages students to join their club. They are given interesting opportunities and have a welcoming environment where they can sit and talk.