Annual Homecoming brings student involvement


The 2019 Homecoming assembly and Homecoming ‘Light up the Knight’ occurred Friday, October 4 and Saturday, October 5. Students were excited for the assembly and the dance all throughout the week.

“I feel like the whole week everyone just gets excited. The spirit days in particular help, but the assembly really gets each person I personally know even more excited because it doesn’t happen all the time. It also gives everyone the opportunity to see what goes on in the school because there are sports and activities and even teachers that get recognized,” said senior Chloe Berna.

The Homecoming pep assembly encouraged students to get involved by showcasing sports and getting students involved within the assembly itself.

“The assembly I feel really get students to be involved within the school. They use the assembly to try and get students to see that they have a place in the school and that they can simply become involved in larger groups first, and I feel like it helps to get people more comfortable,” said senior Cristian Cordova.

This year, the student body was overall excited for Homecoming, and Student Council helped to get the students and staff excited throughout the entire week.

“GNHS Student Council tried to get out student body excited through multiple events we planned not only after school, but during our school day. We had days that we could tie-dye our shirts so that the following day we could wear them. We wanted to be able to include everyone with our spirit days,” said senior student council member Bryan Donaire. “Along with that, we also advertised throughout the school with colorful and informative posters that gave students the ability to know what was going on for our Homecoming week.”

Like the assembly, Homecoming helps to gets students involved through a different way that’s not a sport or a club. It gives each student the opportunity to go to a school activity at some point while they’re in high school.

“Out of the four years I’ve been here, this was probably one of the best Homecomings. The overall vibe was just amazing and although there were some complications during the dance, I feel like it was a good year and I’m very happy I went. I think my last Homecoming ended on a good note,” Berna said.