Merlin review

“Merlin” started in 2008 and ended in 2012, but the eleven year old show is still pretty interesting to watch if anyone is looking for something new.

“Merlin” is by no means anything close to the story everyone knows from Disney’s 1963 “The Sword and the Stone” or any other adaptations of the legend of King Arthur, which originated somewhere in the medieval times in either Britain, Wales or Northern Britain by the Brythonic-speaking Celts; it is not known where exactly the story originated from.

Instead of focusing on King Arthur himself, the show puts its main focus on the bright young wizard, Merlin (played by Colin Morgan). Another main difference is that Arthur (Bradley James) is not an orphan who becomes king by pulling out the sword from the stone, but a prince already preparing to become king and succeed his father. Merlin’s main goal is to protect the prince at all costs because Arthur is meant to be the greatest king to ever live. The only problem is that in the kingdom of Camelot, the use of magic is punishable by death, so Merlin has to find ways to use his power without being caught.

The show does the best job at showing character development and connections between everyone in the story. Every character has their own story that ties in with the main storyline to help further the plot. Characters in the story such as Morgana Le Fay (Katie McGrath) are brought to the main storyline in the show. Not just one story is told, but everyone’s story is told.

“Merlin” is a great adaptation of the Legend of King Author and serves as a reminder that the story will never get old given how long it has been around. Many more adaptations will probably be made in due time, but “Merlin” can be counted on to be the best.