Adventure Challenge class offers change

Unlike last year, the Adventure Challenge gym class will be doing their heart rate days separate from the rest of the gym classes, and from now on, the teacher in charge will choose which days they do them.

“When it’s just my class, I kind of have the freedom to decide when we want to do it because it’s not tied to someone else’s class and their curriculum. It gives me more freedom to move those days around, which is nice,” said AC gym teacher Jessie Wolter.

Adventure Challenge is a gym class based off of team building activities. The only time students get to be with friends outside of their gym class was during heart rate, but now they are only to be with their class.

“For some people, it might be better for them to go and do their own cardio and their own stuff and be more independent about it,” said senior Alonso Pelayo.

The way heart rate is being done in class is by playing gym games. Wolter has his students running around playing tag and other games some kids might remember from elementary school.

“I think for the class we’re in, it’s better because Mr. Wolter makes us actually do something that can make our heart rate go up. He lets us know whether it’s low, up or good,” said sophomore Italia Guzman.

There were many good reasons for Wolter to make the changes that he made to his class.

“We were the lowest ones out of all the classes being offered, so my goal is to try and increase the rate with my students and encourage them to be more active,” Wolter said.

Students didn’t know about this change until they were already in the class, so at first it was a hard pill to swallow for some people.
“Don’t judge it how I did because I kinda thought ‘oh, I don’t know how I feel about it,’ because it is actually fun,” Pelayo said.