Outstanding Acts of Kindness


As any day in high school goes, there are always going to be individuals who are having a bad day. Maybe someone just failed a test they studied hard for or simply woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Everyone deserves to be treated kindly, and on these days, especially an act of kindness, even the tiniest act, can go a long way. Giving a bright smile to someone who is in a rough spot can raise their spirits and help them get through the rest of that hard day that feels like its been dragging on forever. Be kind to each other! Help someone get through their day! And if you witness an outstanding act of kindness or create one yourself, scan the code below and tell us about it! Kindness is contagious and influential on even the gloomiest of days. It deserves to be praised. The QR code is a short questionnaire about yourself and has you explain an act of kindness that you have witnessed or taken part in. Filling out the information attached in the code and submitting it will allow the newspaper to be able to write about the acts of kindness that deserve to be heard but would be missed otherwise if not submitted. If you’re willing to be interviewed for the newspaper, a story can be created and the act of kindness can help inspire other students to create their own. The more stories submitted, the better.