New Superfan Leaders

Superfans have been around for years, creating hype for whatever game they choose to attend, they come into the field dressed up with a theme and ready to cheer.
“I kind of just get crazy; it’s kind of contagious. So I just try to get as crazy as I can and really go all in,” said senior Ralf Landmesser
This year there’s a new batch of superfan leaders that includes Ralf Landmesser, Bryan Donaire, Olivia Pound, Megan Eppel and Kevin Price. Their job is to choose themes for that night and lead the superfans in chants.
“Anyone who wants to be a superfan can be a superfan; it’s just a matter of taking the initiative and coming to us and working with others who want to be superfans,” said assistant athletic director Adam DeCaluwe.
Anyone can be a superfan leader if they want to. They just have to go through the process of speaking with Mrs. Woolard or Mr. DeCaluwe to make sure that they are fit to take on the role of a superfan leader.
“We do tailgating. We blast music out of a car. We brought a grill once to make hot dogs. We will just hang out and get ready. We have body paints and people will paint themselves,” said senior Bryan Donaire.
This year the superfan leaders are trying to get people to get to more sporting events other than football. Since this school year has started, they have been going to volleyball and soccer games. Their plan is to go to at least one game for every sport this year.
“We are using Knights United, which used to be Athletic Council but now it’s Knights United, because we have added leaders from all activities. What they are trying to do is get each group to try to go to another group’s event. Football already went to opening night for boys soccer and girls volleyball,” DeCaluwe said.
The superfans and Knights United want to start to let every sports team have a larger group of fans, like at the football games, at their events. So since football has gone to other sport teams games, those teams now will go to a football game, other sport teams games or other school activities to show them support.
To stay updated about school activities, superfanning themes, and general school outings for sports, students can follow their instagram page @knight_nation19. To vote on polls for upcoming themes, students can follow them on Twitter @knightnation19. And to get daily updates from the superfans, students can add their account on snapchat @knightnation2k.