Use of media incorporated into school

The use of media in school has helped students finish their work and get a source of information around the school. Schoology is an example of a source of media that teachers and staff give out that helps them give information to find what assignments students need to complete or upcoming events happening around the school including clubs, sporting events, and college visits. Other examples of source of media include Twitter and Grayslake North’s website.
Principal James Roscoe uses media to help out students and highlight what Grayslake North has to offer. Roscoe has been working twenty-five years in the D127 community, and he has seen transitions of different types of sources of media including graphic calculators, computers, and phones.
“I believe the source of media in school can be a powerful tool. I want people to know Grayslake North’s great experiences and to highlight activities and events going on at Grayslake North,” Roscoe said.
Business Education teacher Tony Bussone uses media through many different ways including visual images, various videos, and traditional news media. Bussone likes the idea of media in school because it’s a teaching method of communication.
“I frequently ask my students to communicate using multi-media, multiple different ways. I don’t just want a student to just write words down on a piece of paper. I want a picture and then an explanation of the visual image so it can be a different way of communicating,” Bussone said.
Technology integration specialist Tom New believes media is more engaging to students and is something that students can relate to more easily, depending on the media. New believes media can become a standard teaching tool that teachers use to help students navigate the ins and outs of understanding media.
“Media is becoming more and more standard as a teaching tool because teachers want to help students navigate the ins and outs of viewing/understanding media just as much as a regular text, “ New said.
In addition, New likes to mix in a lot of media into his units because he want students to be able to navigate and understand media as much as a text. New thinks students come across a lot of confusing things on their social media, and he believes media can help.
“I think we as a school are at a tipping point with media because we use it in a lot of ways, but maybe not as well as we want. Every year we start to do different rules with it which is great. I think we are at a huge tipping point with some of the changes that will be coming out this year. Lots of teachers and various individuals around the school are starting podcasts or youtube channels,” New said