Social media has pros and cons

Social media is seen more and more in everyday lives. This media growth can have both a positive and negative effect on society and future generations.
According to “Small Business Trends,” before 1997, social networking did not exist. Yet in only 22 years, over 65 social networking sites have been created and used.
Also, according to “The Knowledge Review,” social media is decreasing quality in interpersonal communication.
“I think it goes back to the point, if you don’t have solid human relationships, then you’re going to have to have trouble interacting with other people. I don’t think it’s social media’s fault; it’s just our use of it,” said dean Linda Vecchie.
According to, 45 percent of teenagers feel constant pressure to keep up with social media.
“Social media plays a big part in many people’s mental health. People spend way too much time obsessing over likes and comments on Instagram or how many views they have on a story or how many streaks they have or how long they are,” said senior Zachary Chamberlain.
Ray Lozano, a drug and substance prevention specialist and youth speaker in Florida, admits it is not uncommon to hear that today’s teenagers feel a much larger amount of anxiety and stress than generations before.
“Social media could definitely be a cause for mental health issues that are on the rise right now because a lot of it has to do with appearances and how people look which could cause anxiety,” said senior Natasha Davila.
The difference between teenagers today and teenagers decades ago is social media. Today, teenagers can save the negative views they get on social media and hold on to it. Teenagers can post something that can be out in the world for everybody to see, whereas in the past, there was no public platform everybody could view everything on.
“I have seen some absolutely horrible things that have been said to kids. Face to face even five years ago or ten years ago a student would say something mean to another student and it was gone with the wind. Now, I find that sometimes kids save that message and then by rereading it you are getting that negative message over and over. It just breaks my heart that a kid would keep that message and reread it,” Vecchie said.