Psychology Club helps students learn areas of human behavior

Psychology Club is a club where students get to learn about human behavior and dive into subjects such as how people dream, how people get anxiety, and more interesting subjects.

Social Studies teacher Mrs. Dodd is the sponsor that runs the club, and it is the fourth year it has been a club. People are fascinated by how much thoughts go around in one’s mind and how every single person’s mentality is different from one another, so for those students interested in joining this club with a passion for psychology, it is recommended. 

Psychology Club focuses on positive health and wants to spread positive mental health awareness to students.  People know that humans around the world go through mental health problems, and spreading positive mental health awareness could help students that are in the class and even people in the school who are not in Psychology Club.

“In Psychology Club, we want to be able to spread positive mental health awareness to the students so that the students can feel safe and have a positive mindset moving forward,” Dodd said. 

In Psychology Club, students get to decide what they want to learn, including subjects like dreams, psychopaths, anxiety, and phobias. This method allows for students to get involved in the club and make them want to learn even more.

For example, Mrs. Dodd asked the class “What do you guys want to learn about first?” the whole class responded “Psychopaths!” this part of the club is very interesting because this allows for the club to do whatever the students want to do.

Psychology Club runs every Wednesday after school, and the club runs through the whole year and students can join anytime throughout the year. This club allows students to learn about the human mind and human behavior and gives students the freedom to learn whatever they want relating to psychology.