Booster Club donates to Choices program


Miranda Rogina

Students thank the Booster Club for the popcorn machine that is being donated to the Choices program.

The Choices program at Grayslake North is dedicated to getting their students more motivated to finish their school work. 

The students’ hard work does not get overlooked. In fact, Grayslake North’s Booster Club donated a popcorn machine to the Choices program. This will be used to help with popcorn sales and pop sales every Wednesday in the lunchroom. The proceeds from these sales help with incentives, and ten percent of the sales goes to charity. 

“We are proud of the kids for working to get things done and to get better for themselves. We love these kids like they are our own for sure and love that they want to give back to other programs and different organizations,” said the Choices program teacher Kimberly  Keaskowski.

Students in the Choices program meet to work together on homework they get through school.

“I like the freedom and the support that the class gives… and it’s kind of like a study hall to do homework,” said junior Eduardo Diaz.

Although the program does help the students with their schoolwork, they also go on field trips.

“[During] field trips, we go get the food sometimes and we go to Oakhill, which is a retirement home. We went to a place where we helped kids with special needs and then we went to Feed My Starving Children, and after all that they take us to get food,” said junior Christopher Lowe.