Knights Cafe opening week begins


On August 26, the Knights Cafe began their opening week, and the students that run the cafe, along with the students who purchase items from them are excited. This school year, the Knights Cafe is open periods 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th Monday through Friday.

Students are given opportunities to get to know each other through the Knights Cafe by being able to communicate with one another.

“Being able to watch the students that work in the Knights Cafe brings so much joy to every person I know. I’m able to talk with whoever works the period I have lunch and being able to build that bond I feel is enjoyable to not only me but also the students in the cafe,” said senior Natasha Davila

Senior Joseph Sharken is a student who works in the Knights Cafe. He gets to have fun while also communicating with other students in and out of the cafe.

“It’s a really fun and happy part of my day. I have a lot of opportunities to talk to people through this,” Sharken said

Senior Jesse Hertzke has had the opportunity to get to know each student working within the cafe and is able to share about the cafe through his own eyes.

“The Knights Cafe is an excellent place the supports inclusion, allowing those that might not get a chance to talk with everyone and make connections. They’re also able to learn life skills that will very much benefit them as they transition into life past high school. For many, it is a highlight of their day, and the same is true for those that visit the cafe because it’s always done with a smile or a joke to brighten your day. They all work very hard and do an excellent job, and they’re all rewarded with a free drink of choice. They’re also always willing to have fun conversations; [students] feel free to stop by anytime,” Hertzke said.

The Knights Cafe overall gives a multitude of students many different opportunities and students get to create a bond with one another. Each year brings new opportunities for the Knights Cafe, and each student can’t wait to see what this year brings.