Green Room holds annual Theatre Mixer


Maggie Walker

Green Room attendees play the game “Channel Changers”, a game focused on improv.

Green Room attendees play the game “Channel Changers”, a game focused on improv.

Green Room Theatre Company held its annual Theatre Mixer on Friday. New members and prospective freshmen were encouraged to attend in order to learn more about the company and become accustomed to the Black Box. 

“We wanted to make sure that the mixer embodied our ‘Green Room Family’ feel, so we played interactive games. We were able to create a sense of community,” Green Room Historian Amelia Shingle said.

The itinerary of the mixer consists of a welcome back video, interactive theatre games, and food for everyone. The Green Room officers planned all the games and even created the video of the Black Box.

“We had a really fun time putting it all together. We created a fun intro video that toured the theater and was both informative to the incoming freshman but also a lighthearted mood,” Shingle said.

Most of the attendees consisted of curious new members, that were mostly freshman. Old members also attended to mix in and share their own experiences.

“The turnout was really great, and I’m excited for the company this year! The energy is high, and I can see a lot of potential,” president Natalie Grzesik said.

The purpose of the games was to expose attendees to aspects of theatre including; improv, focus, and performance.

“The mixer turned out to be a very fun, progressive, and welcoming event for the incoming freshman and new members. The energetic games helped bring up the mood and make members excited for the upcoming season,” quartermaster Richard Moung said.

Green Room will have their first official meeting in the Black Box on September 9.