Ed Moore

Hall monitors have to keep the students safe in the classroom and are more than just security guards. Ed Moore has been an employee at North for twelve years, and he worked as a hall monitor for two.
“I ran the suspension room for fourteen years, and I’ve been doing this for the past two years. I’ve enjoyed getting to meet the kids and getting to know people,” Moore said.
He keeps the students safe during the day and also tries to help students when they are in a bad mood.
“The main thing I try to do, and you don’t get many opportunities to, is look for kids who might be having a bad day and just try and pick them up a bit, smile, and try to get them to look back and ask them how they’re doing, that kind of thing. Trying to turn their day around for them,” Moore said.
He is a father of two boys, and the experience has helped him handle the students for the time he has worked at the school. Now, near the end of his career, he is considering a well-deserved retirement.
“I have some travelling planned. I’ll leave on the Sunday after school’s out for Ireland for sixteen days,” Moore said.
After fourteen years spent at North and an additional four years working at Central, his retirement has been earned and his presence shall be missed.