Good Girls Review

NBC’s “Good Girls” has been growing in popularity among adults in the past year, so much that it was able to get renewed for a second season.

The show follows three best friends who get themselves stuck in the middle of laundering money for a street gang.
Created by Jenna Bans, the show follows Beth (Christina Hendricks), Annie (Mae Whitman), and Ruby (Marietta Sirleaf) through their lives as they try to avoid getting thrown in jail for their crimes.

Beth, Annie, and Ruby first started breaking laws when they robbed the grocery store that Annie works at so that they could have more money for their families. They get the shock of their lives when a street gang run by a man named Rio (Manny Montana) shows up at Beth’s house and tells them they have to give the gang the money they robbed from the store. Being scared for their lives and family, they find a way to get back all the money they spent, breaking more and more laws along the way. The gang leader takes a liking to them and decided he wants them to do more things for the gang, like laundering money and eventually getting rid of a body.

Throughout the timespan of the show, the women have to countlessly cover up what they, or the gang, has done so that the FBI won’t catch them. Many people try to get in their way, but the three very determined ladies refuse to give up because going to jail would hurt their families.

The shows receives an 8.1 rating out of ten by and a 7.9 out of ten on IMDb and many great reviews.
However, the show deserves more credit as it covers many hard situations people go through in everyday life, situations like abusive relationships, being a single parent, divorce, and most recently, gender identity.

Each character reacts differently to the situations they are put in, meaning nothing is repetitive, and viewers are always engaged with interest.

All of the actresses do a phenomenal job playing their characters, and the chemistry between all of them is very real. The comedy of the show makes all the hard situations on the show seem less stressful. They also make viewers feel empowered by how confident and strong all of them chose to be.

The show has yet to announce whether it will be renewed for a third season, but many can hope and continue to watch season two every Saturday night on NBC.