Knight’s Way will host BBQ for community

Grayslake North is always finding new and fun activities for students to participate in and see what works.

Grayslake North was going to be having a talent show in April; however, not enough students signed up for it.

“We’re still learning and figuring out when is the best time to do things, and some of the things we have ideas for work out exactly how we have planned, and other things we have ideas for, we have to be flexible, shift and change…I think we figured out that the timing of April maybe isn’t a great time for students,” said student assistance program coordinator Jenny Anderson.

Instead of the talent show, the Knights Way had to figure out the next best thing that would allow people who signed up to get a chance to perform their act.

“We have an event coming up on May 17. We will be holding a gratitude barbecue for all of the community organizations and first responders who help support us at Grayslake. For that event, the people who applied for the talent show will be performing, and students from the Knights Way committee will be MCing and giving the speeches and helping with the food and all that kind of stuff,” Anderson said.

One of the big reasons Knights Way wanted to have a talent show is to include a lot of diversity in the acts. Knights Way is always finding new ways to incorporate diversity in the school and school activities.

“It’s important because we want people to see that they can do those things too. Representation is a really powerful thing, and when other people see that they are being represented by their group, then they feel like they can do the same thing. It’s important to us that we implement diversity at North because we want people to see we are accepting and welcoming and that everyone that walks in the doors is a part of the Knights family. We are all united, and we just want people to know they are welcome,” said Knights Way student Jalice Singleton.

Knights Way still wants to do a talent show next year. They will find a different time in the year where having one will be possible.

“We will be doing the talent show in November to see how that works in the timing of the school year,” Anderson said.