Deb Cartwright

Security guards are all around the school to keep students safe, but it’s not every day students take the time to get to know the people keeping them safe. Deb Cartwright is one of the many security guards around the school. She is most often seen making sure buses run smoothly, and she is always at the desk after school.

“It’s probably broadened my horizons more on aspects of adolescents, their background of what they go though and all that type of stuff,” Cartwright said.
She has been working at the school for over ten years and has seen it all when it comes to protecting the school and making the students feel as safe as possible.
“Just letting them know I’m there and am someone to support them. I try do what I can to get them to the right person when they need questions answered, and sometimes if I can’t answer them, I’ll go find some help,” Cartwright said.
Cartwright has worked as a security guard at many other schools including Grant, Lake Zurich and Warren; however, North stuck with her.
“What I always like to say is this is my first home. I go home to my second one,” Cartwright said.
She wasn’t always a security guard. Before getting the training, she worked at a company and Target.
“My oldest son got me into security. They needed someone ASAP to fill in for a site that he worked at. I got eight hours of training and was put on my own after that. I like it,” Cartwright said.
Another thing that she learned though the job was teamwork and being able to be flexible with the job.
“Working as a team, we pretty much try to be the next step on ‘hey I’m working with this one. I know what the next step is going to be’ that kind of stuff,” she said.
Cartwright doesn’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon, so she will continue to do her best protecting the students and the school because it’s what she loves doing.