Boys Baseball

Every spring, students and coaches get ready to play another season of high school baseball. With three baseball teams, freshman, junior varsity, and then varsity, there are a lot of students working at the sport.


“We had an up and down start to the year, we had a good trip to Florida, played well down there, beat Central first game we got back, and struggled a bit against our last two games,” said varsity coach Brett Hill


The varsity baseball team every year makes a trip down to Florida together to play a tournament. Once the tournament is through, win or lose, the coaches and players come back up to Illinois for more games of baseball.


“My goals for the team are to keep improving as much as possible and keep getting better no matter what that entails. Something our team is working on is always executing and playing to our best potential. State is looking like a for sure possibility if we are able to play to our best potential and execute to perfection,” said senior Nicholas Lovitsch.


The varsity baseball team as of right now has eight wins against teams such as Grayslake Central, Antioch, Hersey, and Round Lake, and eleven losses.


“Right now we are just taking one game at a time. We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves and looking only on who we have upcoming. I think if we start playing well we will be looking just fine,” said senior Raymond Shoemaker.


Even though the team is looking at more losses than wins, they still look at the positives. Those are the plays that have been made. From diving catches to more than one player hitting home runs, they have been putting thrilling moments to games.


“An outstanding thing is beating Central and sweeping Round Lake. We are looking forward to playing Grant and Lakes,” said sophomore Oscar Calhoun.


Despite difficulties of the start of the season they have adopted new techniques and have focused on what they all need to work on during practices to better their game play, so they can be hopefully about future games.


“Recently we have worked on throwing first pitch strikes for our pitchers and hitters we are trying to become level through our swing. We have been struggling a little this year pitching and sometimes hitting so that’s our main goal right now.” said Shoemaker