Knight in Shining Armor, Charlie Lay

Student Council has been a huge part of sophomore Charlie Lay’s life. He has committed his free time to coming to school for events through Student Council ever since fifth grade. Recently, Lay was elected to be on the Northeast Student Council Board.
“The Northeast Student Council Board is a specific board that looks over all the student councils in the Northeast district, which is the majority of Illinois,” Lay said.
Not only did Lay know it was an accomplishment at the time he heard about it, but he also learned that it’ll help him all throughout high school.
“This will definitely help me in the future because it will teach me how to communicate with many different schools as I’m a liaison for all the student councils in the Northeast and I will have to effectively take responsibility for the board,” Lay said.
Since it is a student council board, there are a multitude of ways a student can be elected to be either put on the board or as a nominee.
“For the Northeast Student Council Board, you have to run to be a member. So, I decided to run, and I did end up being elected as a member,” Lay said.
This is an experience not every student will have the ability to have in their time in high school, but at this time, Lay is putting in his time and hard work for this board.
“Overall I’d have to say it was definitely a surprise. I’m grateful for this opportunity. Although it is new, I know I will learn, and it’s for sure an experience I want to have in my life. I’m just beyond grateful honestly. It felt good when I was picked but nervous because it’s a lot of work ahead of me,” Lay said.