Students participate in the NLCC Art Festival 2019

The 3rd annual NLCC Art Festival was held in Wauconda on April 26, 2019. The festival invites students from schools around the area who has the best artwork to show and compete for awards for their artwork.

Digital photo and design teacher Randy Sweitzer said it was a great experience for not only the teachers but for the students and the community to bring people together and show off the amazing artwork each student has done.

The NLCC Art Festival was a great experience for the students, teachers, and community.  The students learned to set up an art show. They saw fantastic art by students from around the conference, and they were able to, in many cases, reacquaint themselves with old friends from their elementary and middle school days.  Teachers were able to talk with other teachers, sharing ideas and methods. And the community has an opportunity to share in the work of our wonderfully creative students,” Sweitzer said.

Junior Nicholas Broege participated in the art show and presented a sculpture of a gargoyle statue of Satan that won him an award for the festival. Broege also presented more artwork of his own including a sculpture of a baby, a painting of the joker, and a black and white vase      

It was a great experience. I got to see a lot of great pieces of art and the set up of a well put up art show. I truly enjoyed hanging with my fellow artist and teachers throughout the day and setting up the art show,” Broege said.

“My gargoyle statue of Sata got me an award which only ten people from each school received. I was very excited that I won with many great artists from our school,” Broege said.