Students attend Civics Engagement Workshop


Technology gives students more opportunities to get involved in politics than ever before, but many students may not know where to start. Chris Kubic, the social studies department chair, gave students an introduction into the world of politics by inviting a variety of politicians and guest speakers to speak at a civics engagement workshop on April 16.

“You are the government. You are at the perfect age to get involved,” said former mayor Maria Rodriguez.

The civics engagement workshop let students register to vote, learn more about what their vote does, and ask questions about getting involved in politics to actual politicians.

“The easiest way to get involved and start lobbying is to find a cause and join an organization for that cause. You can also find a legislator who has similar ideas and become one of their interns,” said county board member and lobbyist Pam Althoff.

The legislators are the ones with the final vote on issues in their district, and they also write various bills for other legislators to vote on. The lobbyists are the activists that persuade legislators to vote for or against the bills.

“I have been lobbying by knowing who my legislators are, writing letters, and holding in-person meetings. You can take lobbying as far as you want, but make sure you’re informed. Your validity is what you have to stand on,” said activist Mindy Hauptman, a group leader for the organization Moms Demand Action.