Fallen review

There are so many series of books like Harry Potter, Twilight, The Hunger Games and Divergent that get so popular it’s all anybody talks about. But there are also books series where they don’t get a lot of attention or they have a moment in the spotlight and then nobody ever thinks about the book again.

The Fallen series by Lauren Kate is one series that had gotten popular and then forgotten not long after it’s time in spotlight.

It had a decent amount of readers to the point where a movie was made; however, it was low budget and not well casted. It was rated seven percent on Rotten Tomatoes and 5.5 percent on IMDb.

The first book follows a girl named Lucinda Price (Luce) who just transferred to a new school for mentally unstable teenagers. Upon arriving to her new school, she instantly makes new friends and an enemy, but there was one boy among the rest that she felt connected to. She tried to get close to him to figure out if she had ever met him before. They did know each other, but Daniel knew Luce more than Luce could remember.

Later in the book, it is revealed that Daniel is an angel from heaven who fell along with the other students at the school during the time of war between God and Satan. Angels that did not pick a side were caste down to Earth until they did pick a side. Another twist is that Luce had lived a thousand lives and had fallen in love with Daniel every single time. But every time they kiss, Luce dies and is born again, meeting Daniel again 17 years later.

Luce, however, does not die, breaking the cycle. Even though Luce doesn’t die, a war started between the good angels and bad angels because they wanted Luce dead.

It is a story by Lauren Kate intended to be compelling and a small twist to the Bible, but it has faced some cruel judgment after the first movie. Much like “Twilight” by Stephenie Meyer, the book has lost some popularity due to the judgement of the movie.

The saying “the books are better than the movies” is accurate for the Fallen book series. It is an underrated series that deserves much more credit for the amount of depth they go into. It is a good read for when fantasy readers want something fresh and different.