Students place at History Fair Sectionals


Gracie Schultz

Juniors Elyse Tyler and Heather Berreles display their awards for their History Fair project on the Tylenol Murders.

Multiple juniors represented North at the Chicago Metro History Fair Sectionals on March 2 and will be competing at Semi-Regionals on April 10.
History Fair was held on Feb 6 in the library. Posters, websites and documentaries lined the walls, allowing friends and family of those involved in History Fair to see the finished projects.
The theme of History Fair this year was Triumph and Tragedy in Illinois. Students offered an in depth look on a piece of Illinois history with each of their projects.
“The History Fair is one of my favorite parts of teaching juniors. It’s so amazing to see all the hard work students have put into their projects pay off at History Fair,” said history teacher Nicole Jameson.
Students were able to choose whether or not they wanted their project to compete for a spot in Regionals. From those who chose to compete, the judges selected 14 poster boards, 11 websites, eight documentaries and one performance to represent North. Regionals were held on Feb 23 at Niles North High School.
“I was super excited to go to Regionals because my sister had gone, and she did a documentary like me! It was super cool to see all of my hard work come to life and inform people about my topic,” said junior Brooke Meadowcroft, who advanced with her documentary on the Lehman Family Legacy.
Junior Zach Chamberlain was another student who advanced to Regionals. His project on the LGBT community in Chicago placed at Regionals and advanced to Sectionals, which were held on March 2.
“I was very excited to place in Regionals and go to Sectionals. I hope to make State as well,” Chamberlain said.
Chamberlain, along with Olivia Pound and Maya Haubrich, advanced with tri-fold boards, while the students who created websites are still waiting to be announced. Students advancing from Sectionals will compete at the next Semi-Regional competition on April 10. The students who are advancing to Semi-Regionals will be competing for a spot at State. History Fair State will be held in Bloomington, Illinois, at a date that is still waiting to be announced Students from all over the state of Illinois will be participating for scholarship prizes.