Trace Taskovic

Everyone has their own high school experience, some much different than others. Trace Taskovic is one of those students who has a very different experience in high school than the rest.

Trace Taskovic is a junior student who has a different high school experience because his mom works in the same school he attends.

“Initially I was wasn’t ecstatic about it because walking in the hallways with your mom really wasn’t the greatest thing, but as the years went on, it’s kind of convenient. She drives me to school sometimes and other stuff like that. Once you get past the idea that ‘hey my mom is a teacher’ you just kind of forget that fact and just go to school,” Taskovic said.

Because his mom works in the school, he doesn’t have to deal with some problems other students might have.

“She’s able to drive me to school, so I don’t need a parking pass. She’s able to give me passes when I need one. If I ever need to buy a book from the bookstore, she’ll go get me a Spanish book if I need one for Spanish,” Taskovic said.

He has even used that advantage to help his friends out whenever they have a situation they need help with.
“I do this a lot actually. I walk into school and forget to buy a Spanish book or something. Then I walk into Spanish. I’m sitting there without the book. So I text my mom, and three of my friends sitting by me were like ‘Hey can your mom get me my book? I’ll pay her back, I swear!’ So she got all four of the books and just dropped them off in the middle of the day,” Taskovic said.

Because his mom works in the same school as him, he is no longer able to use other tricks kids use to lie to their parents about classes. Taskovic can’t lie to his mother the way other students are able to.

“My mom will go to the teacher and hold me to my word. So I’m more responsible, a little bit more in that aspect just because I’m honest about everything now. Freshman year I tried to get away with some things, but that never worked, so I just learned to take the good with the bad. In a way, I’m not dependent on her because of her being here. I’m becoming more independent and more self sufficient now,” Taskovic said.

Having his mom be there for him in school has helped him become more responsible, but it has also brought them closer as a mother and son.

“We talk probably way more than we really would have if she worked at another school. That brought us together a little bit more, just purely from the standpoint that we talk more and spend time with each other,” Taskovic said.

For Trace, he may not have the conventional high school experience the way other students do, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing.